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NYU SHC Portal Redesign

Goal: Make mental health services offered by New York University more accessible and user-friendly.

Time frame: 8 weeks, Spring 2022

Web design


Usability testing


This was an individual redesign project done for the User Experience class at NYU Tandon School of Engineering taught by Professor Regine Gilbert. The project aimed at improving the UX of booking a mental health appointment through the NYU Student Health Center Portal. 

Macbook pro mockup of new SHC design (new calendar ui)

01 Understanding the problem space

It is difficult to get an overview of the general availability of mental health counseling appointments in the NYU Student Health Center (SHC) portal.


How might we improve the user experience of navigating the SHC portal for NYU students in order to make the appointment booking for mental health services less lengthy and time-consuming?

Image of old appointment scheduling of the SHC portal.

Old SHC website design

02 User Research

First step was to complete a competitive analysis of other booking services to compare feature prioritization and content hierarchy. Key findings from this research were that users should never feel lost using a booking system and it should be easy, intuitive, and comfortable. It was also mentioned in multiple resources that users should be able to find what they need in just 3 clicks and be presented with the options to book instantly.

Competitive Analysis - Feature Comparison.png

Competitive Analysis

After this research, I created a survey that was sent out to the NYU community while creating personas, current user flow, and planning the usability research. Below are the survey findings with 9 participants in total.

03 Usability Research

The next step was to do the first part of the usability research, I recruited three participants to navigate through the old flow and report their observations, feelings towards the platform, as well as other recommendations to improve the service. The usability study was unmonitored for privacy reasons. One participant mentioned that “It would be better with a full calendar availability instead of having to manually search through three-four days at a time”. Another student said that “It would be better with a full calendar availability instead of having to manually search through three-four days at a time”.

Image of a user journey with a graph representing the emotions of a user using the SHC website

User journey based on usability research

04 Wireframes

With all of the feedback in mind, I sketched out a new flow and created wireframes while keeping the goals and concerns in mind. These wireframes were tested in class, iterated, and then designed into a hi-fi prototype which can be found below. 


Fast and seamless booking experience

Easy understanding of the different appointment types and how to book them

Everything on one page


Acronyms are hard to understand

Struggle to find available appointments

How to reschedule

More information about counselors

05 Final Design

The final prototype went through usability testing with five participants who actively reported their feedback while clicking through the new design. Below is the final designs and feel free to check out the Figma link for a more interactive experience. 

Final thoughts and lessons learned

Given the time constraints of this class, we were asked to focus on only one flow of the service we were redesigning. The project was showcased in class and can hopefully act as a catalyst to start conversations about the importance of good user experience in healthcare and particularly for mental health services. I learned a lot about synthesizing information and making multiple pages into a one-page layout. This project definitely made me more aware of the importance of being mindful when designing user interactions and the importance of functionality for booking services. Mental health matters, and booking an appointment to get help should not be a barrier ❤️

Looking forward

Consider redesigning the medical appointment flow

Compare and contrast mobile vs. web experience

Consider additional features such as a virtual chat assistant instead of the phone triage

Next project
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